The NeoCube Page

We sell the only proper NeoCube - the original one ! Forget cheap imitations, they don't work as well as the original NeoCube.

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On this page you will find lots of good instructions, tips and tricks.

But first -

     here's some videos with several good NeoCube tricks:





                                             BASIC INSTRUCTIONS

Especially if the NeoCube is new to you, you will quickly end up with a blob of balls looking something like this:







Roll this blob between your hands so it becomes more like a sausage, as shown above.
Now you can start pulling out a single string of balls. If it breaks off, just reattach it. If it does not want to stick back onto to the same point, find another point and continue from there.

Sometimes you get something like this:

Just pull gently on both ends and the magnets will snap in place:

While forming a string you can roll it into a tube for easy handling:

From this string-in-a-tube you can easily make all kinds of basic shapes. Make sure you make each shape
in the same direction: clockwise or anti-clockwise as you prefer, but not both mixed up !

To see why this is important, attach the first ball to the 9th, pinch them off, do this 6 times:

If you now stack them on top of each other, the magnets will line up in a triangular grid - like this:

Now start again with 6 separate circles of 9 magnets like before, but this time leave the top row as they are and flip the ones on the bottom row over. Now stack them up like this: one from the top row, then one from the bottom row, and so on.

Stacked like this, the magnets will line up in a square grid - like this:

In the triangular grid, the shape is much more stable, because the magnets are closer together.

Making sure your basic shapes all have the same orientation is also important when building shapes by fitting basic pieces together sideways. There are many basic shapes you can use to build larger shapes. Most common is a triangle made by squeezing a circle of 9 using three fingers:


Here's some other basic shapes:

One of the best NeoCube tricks uses 20 basic triangles and is called "The Ball Drop".
First make 20 triangles as described above. Then make 6 "boats" like this one:

Turn 3 boats over (turn 180˚, don't flip them) and attach them like this:

Attach the two remaining triangles:

Pick up the two ends and bring them together in a loop to form a "bracelet". A to A, B to B.

Now throw it up in the air and catch it - it turns into a ball ! (An icosahedron, to be precise.)


More tips and tricks coming soon. Bookmark this page !